Shirli Ender Büyükbay PhD

“The essence of life is whatever happens between birth and death. We better make the best of it.” – Shirli Ender Buyukbay

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Shirli defines herself as a trainer, researcher, lecturer, mentor and a coach.

Supports the “happy-productive worker hypothesis.” Has completed her PhD dissertation “Proposal of a New Employee Well-Being Model: Employee Wholeness” to emphasise the impact of employee well-being on employee performance. Believes in the power of a positive mind, attention and awareness -Mind the Positive (; hence is dedicated to channel her knowledge and expertise in training minds towards the positive.

Is interested in the fields of leadership, talent management, performance management, organisational behaviour (industrial psychology), positive psychology, emotional intelligence (EI), mindfulness, neuroscience, work-life balance/integration, coaching and mentoring; as well as systematic evaluation processes. Currently carries academic research, academic paper reviewing, blog writing, coaching and mentoring. Delivers freelance lecturing at university, provides project-based consultancy and services in quality assurance, project cycle management and evaluation, evaluation of training programs, and runs mindfulness, EI, trainings/workshops.

As social responsibility activities, she supports associations through voluntary mentoring and coaching youngsters and corporate leaders.

By all means, highest possible value creation may be possible through investing on the human capital! Ensuring and supporting their growth and well-being leads to a happier and more profitable workplace. Happy people learn better, create better and produce better. Human resources are not cost creators, but problem solvers. Regardless of age, skills, abilities, knowledge and awareness, every individual adds up a value to a prosperous society. It is our deepest responsibility in making it possible; through sharing and delivering our expertise and resources.

Shirli, a mother of 16 year-old daughter, has been leading and sharing her knowledge, experience since mid 1990s, and continuously been following a lifelong learning and growth agenda for that particular cause; and currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.