What Has Job Got to Do with Employee Commitment? A Research Study on LMX and Work Attitudes

What Has Job Satisfaction Got To Do With Employee Commitment? A Research study on LMX and Work Attitudes
Özşahin et al./ Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 00 (20133) 000-000
Ela Ünler Öz, Tomru Dereköylü, Şirli Ender Büyükbay, Didem Yıldız
Bahçeşehir University , İstanbul, 34353 , Turkey

The purpose of the study is determining the effect of both leader – member relations (LLMX)) and job satisfaction on organizational commitment; taking job satisfaction as mediating factor. According to the analysis it was found that high quality LMX positively affect job satisfa ction. Additionally, the three stage of regression analysis between organizational commitment and LMX resulted with LMX affecting loyalty and necessity commitment. As main purpose of the study, the mediating affect of job satisfaction on relation between LMX and organizational commitment was measured, and it was found that job satisfaction mediates (bby 60%%)) the relationship between loyalty commitment and LMX. Moreover, when gender differences in job satisfaction were measured,, it was found that female emplo yees have higher job satisfaction level than their male workmates. Implication of the present study is that leaders should be aware of the important linkages between job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and performance. Supervisors need to be aware of how to maximize high LMX relationships among their subordinates.
Keywords: LMX, Satisfaction, Commitment



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