Mind the Positive

“Mind the Positive” can be read in two ways:

The first as the mind is positive, for the fact that the mind can be trained to have a positive attention, and despite its negativity bias, it may be positive.

The second, as look at the positive, because it is very important the way we look at what is around us; whether with a positive, negative, or a neutral look.

Within that perspective, this platform focuses on drawing the attention to the positive matters around us, finding the positive, or neutral aspects, through deliberate intention and attention, rather than let the mind automatically drawn to the negative.

It is our responsibility to be aware of where our attention is; observe and realize whether it is occupied with an irrelevant activity we are busy doing, or totally aligned with our activity, at the here and now.

Hence, for a peaceful mind, heart, and body, it is essential to

mind what your mind minds at!

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