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Setting the Stage for a New Construct for Determining Employee Well-Being

Setting The Stage For A New Construct For Determining Employee Well-being
19th International Research/Expert Conference
”Trends in the Development of Machinery and Associated Technology” TMT 2015, Barcelona, Spain 22-23 July, 2015
Shirli Ender Büyükbay, F. Tunç Bozbura, Ahmet Beşkese Bahcesehir University, Department of Management Engineering Besiktas, 34353, Istanbul

There is a growing interest for positive psychology at organizational context. More companies thrive to retain and engage their employees, value ‘talents’ well-being. Today various happiness-fostering interventions are in practice, in addition to standard HR functions. However, a multi-dimensional and holistic approach to measuring employee well- being, and assessing impact of the practices are missing. This study sets the stage for a doctoral study that proposes a new, multi-dimensional construct for measuring employee well-being, covering the positive psychology and work-related elements influencing employee work performance. It aims to prove the ‘happy-productive-worker hypothesis’, analyzing its mediating effect on the human resources (HR) practices and organizational performance relations, with the moderation of positive organizational climate. It has determined the elements influencing performance, and is at the stage of developing assessment scale to be used in proposed research model.
Keywords: Employee well-being, human resources practices, organizational performance, positive organizational climate, construct development