Mind the Positive Services

“Mind the Positive Services” are a modular package consisted of series of training workshops, consultancy, assessment and evaluation, mentoring, and coaching practices, for reshaping our way of looking at and perceiving things, being aware of our intentions, regulating our attitudes and behaviors, and obtaining optimum outcomes in our course of life. They are based on science and practice, within the fields of Positive Psychology, Emotional and Social Intelligence, Neuroscience, and Mindfulness.

The Training & Workshops, delivered in four different modules, take Mindfulness –Attention & Awareness– as anchor for practice and implementation in daily routine. Module 1 focuses on Attention and Awareness; Module 2 focuses on Positive Awareness; Module 3 focuses on Self-Management; and Module 4 focuses on Social Skills.

These modules may be organized within different combination, based on particular need or demand. The skills acquired may be extended and deepened through individual practice. The workshops are enriched with in-class audio-visual materials, practices, and experiential learning; and supported with experimentation tasks, reading material, apps for individual deepening.

Assessment & Consultancy services are provided, as linkage to training services. If you are Human Resources professional and reading for corporate development, it is important to analyze the specific needs of your target group, and tailor the content accordingly.

One-to-one Coaching & Mentoring services are available, for individuals who have particular interest for training the mind toward a positive perspective, and particular goal directed achievements.

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